Saracens and England Women’s rugby player Vicky Fleetwood has thrown her support behind ‘Strong Girls Can’

by | 25th January 2019

The World Cup-winning hooker has more than a half-century of caps for her country.

Now she is helping to promote a scheme which aims to empower teenager girls to be proud of who they are – and not conform to what society or social media tells them they should be.

‘Strong Girls Can’ is a programme devised by Leicestershire schools’ sports providers Coach Unlimited and is taught in secondary schools to girls in years 8, 9 and 10.

“These days, there are so many pressures put on young women by the media and celebrities,” said Vicky. “And that is where the problems emerge because young women are wanting to conform to those pressures.”

“Now there is a programme called ‘Strong Girls Can’ that will help empower women by encouraging them to be themselves and knowing that they are good enough.”

“It will give them confidence to behave in a way they want to and not have to conform to those pressures.”

‘Strong Girls Can’ course leader Teresa Hames said: “I am delighted and grateful that Vicky has chosen to give her support to ‘Strong Girls Can’.

“She is just the sort of role model that all young women can look up to and have respect for and I am thrilled she is involved with us.”

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