"To provide high quality PE and sport provision to enrich the lives of all young people"


What people say about our coaches and activities …
It has been so successful that we have requested a full day next year so that both Key Stages can benefit from the specialist teaching. We can see a clear progression in PE throughout the school and behaviour in the playground has improved – children have more activities to occupy them.

I really enjoy PE now because I’ve had help from the PE coach. Maybe in the future we could have more sports coaches come and teach us every day so we can keep active and healthy.

CoachUnlimited delivers PE to a high standard and the coaches are very keen to provide our pupils with quality physical education and sports opportunities. The coaches are very professional and understand their role in school is not just as a coach but as a carer and role model. Furthermore, they are committed to the safeguarding of children.
Paul Wright

PE Coordinator, Newbold Verdon Primary School

Our children really love PE and have benefited from a wide range of PE lessons, after school and before school clubs. They are learning that there really is a sport to suit everyone.
Alison Ruff

Headteacher, Congerstone Primary School

My son had a fabulous time at the holiday camp in February half term. He had time with his friends, it was fun and I know that it was good quality. When he came home he couldn’t stop talking about his day and was a little disappointed that he couldn’t go every day!

Our coach balances the need for inclusion with competition incredibly well. His motivational speech and tactical nouse are of the highest order.
Jeremy Bird

Headteacher, Greswold Primary School, Solihull

What people say about our lesson plans …
The school took the decision to purchase the Lane 4 File using our Sports Funding Grant.  However this resource has proved so invaluable to staff in supporting and improving the quality of our PE provision, we would have funded it from the school budget. It is the ‘go to’ file for staff, often open in the staff room; generates discussion and renewed enthusiasm for delivering PE to the pupils .  Highly recommend you consider this.
Lin Smith

School Business Manager, Barlestone C of E Primary School

Fantastic resource for PE. The layout of lessons plans is easy to access so can be referred to during teaching.  Each lesson is pitched to the correct skill level with opportunities to extend and develop pupils. I feel I could confidently deliver PE across the primary age range with this resource at my side.
Mrs Morris

Year 6 Primary School Teacher

The lesson resource file from CoachUnlimited is fabulous. Simple but effective and very easy to use. I love the teaching points and differentiated activities, they mean my whole class is catered for within the plans.


The PE Lessons Resource Pack has been a fantastic purchase for our school. The colour coded lesson plans make it easy for teachers from different year groups to find what the lessons they are looking for. The pack is divided into clear sections for each sport, with tabs that make it easy to get straight to the plans our teachers need. The lesson plans themselves are easy to follow with clear progression from lesson to lesson. Learning objectives, starter activities, resource lists and differentiation ideas are all included on each lesson plan. The PE Lessons Resource Pack has given all our teacher the confidence they need to teach PE to the children in our school.
Paul Wright

PE Coordinator, Primary School

What people say about our Strong Girls Can programme …

They were very helpful and supportive towards our future. I will always remember this and take this with me for my future.


Aged 14

It inspired me to think more of myself and changed my mindset on the achieveability of my dreams and ambitions.


Aged 14

Be confident in yourself because your imperfections make you special.


Aged 14

My daughter thought the Strong Girls Can programme was really good and she is so pleased that she went.

Lisa's mother

Just to let you know that my daughter really enjoyed the Strong Girls Can programme today. She is still chatting about it 5 hours later!

Molly's mother

Aged 14

What people say about our specialist programmes …

The assessments built into the Smart Moves programme have picked up noticeable improvements in the children and highlighted differences between the children who have been doing it since week one and those who are newer to school and haven’t had as long. We will now extend the programme to a full year.

Jane Whittle

Measham Primary School


CoachUnlimited, Stables End Court, Main Street, Market Bosworth, Nuneaton CV13 0JN


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