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Rachel Farrington reflects on ‘Strong Girls Can’ at The Market Bosworth School

by | 2nd May 2019

Strong Girls Can coach Rachel Farrington explains how well students from The Market Bosworth School did during their day of self improvement.

Coach Unlimited delivered the Strong Girls Can programme to dozens of female pupils at the secondary school in Leicestershire.

“It went really well,” said Rachel. “When we first got here, some of the girls were a bit unsure about what we were going to do but, by the second session, they were giving feedback and reaction.

“We said there was no need to feel embarrassed and that everyone in the room should just say how they feel.

“It has just been brilliant to deliver Strong Girls Can. We get a lot of feedback from the girls and when they tell us of the things they are going to take away from the day, it is obviously a real positive.

“One of them even said they were going to marry an prince and nobody was going to stop her!”


Find out more about the campaign here – Strong Girls Can


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