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Our new ‘Strong Girls Can’ programme is launched

by | 14th January 2019

Strong Girls Can is a new programme that offers good news for all teenage girls, their parents and their teachers.

Coach Unlimited have announced the release of the inspiring new scheme, designed to empower young women to feel good about themselves.

Teenage girls face huge pressure from social media, friendship groups and society to conform to what they are told is ‘normal’.

But Strong Girls Can has been devised to encourage girls to be proud of who they already are and to help them find ways to let their own personalities shine through.

Led by qualified teachers and strong female role models from all walks of life, Strong Girls Can will let young women start to look at themselves and explain why they should spend less time trying to be the person society tells them to be – and more time allowing their own personality to shine through.

Coach Unlimited is determined to tackle the issues of low self-esteem, poor body image and confusion surrounding our younger female population.

Strong Girls Can is an interactive and revealing one-day workshop which can be delivered on school premises. It can cater for up to 30 girls in the same year and is suitable for those in Years 8, 9 and 10.

For more information about hosting Strong Girls Can in your school, contact or call (01455) 393404.

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