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Specialist Programmes

Strong Girls Can

As a result of the unprecedented pressure being placed upon teenage girls by society, CoachUnlimited has devised a programme called STRONG GIRLS CAN. It aims to empower and inspire teenage girls in the UK by providing strong female role models, from different walks of life, who will help to begin to look at who they are, why they should be proud and confident and how to allow their own personality – whoever that may be – to shine.

For more details, visit our Strong Girls Can page


Gifted and Talented / Physical Literacy Programme

This programme includes 3-6 afternoon workshops for KS 2 children, focussing on all areas of a talented performer:

  1. Creativity
  2. Physical prowess
  3. Cognitive ability in sports (problem solving ability, tactical awareness)
  4. Personal attributes such as being able to be challenged and criticised
  5. Social skills such teamwork & communication

All participants work through a progressive log book and take part in a number of self and peer assessment activities. All children will receive a certificate of attendance. We recommend 10-16 children for this programme.


The Buddy Programme

This programme is linked to a scheme of work and individual lesson plans that can be bought by the school. The programme works through a process of:

  • staff inventory to identify key areas for development.
  • 6-8 weeks of in-class support, lessons delivered alongside your staff, using national curriculum lesson plans and aimed at showing teachers how to teach progressive, differentiated PE lessons with clear learning outcomes.
  • access to lesson plans to support teaching beyond this point.


Specialist Gymnastics and/or Cheerleading Lessons

Team taught with staff member. Lessons are delivered for 6-8 weeks per class to guide staff on how to teach these trickier PE activity areas.


Raise Your Game

The “Raise Your Game” project is a 6 week programme, aimed at addressing issues that may be affecting pupils, through physical activity.

The issues addressed include:

  • Target setting
  • Positive communication with other people involved in your life
  • Values and identity
  • Emotions and control
  • Personality and future life choices

All participants work through a six week programme of classroom and practical session (1 hour each), for six weeks. They will also take part in a number of self and peer assessment activities.

All pupils will receive a certificate of attendance.


Smart Moves

Smart Moves is a motor skills development programme aimed at Reception to KS1.

Programme Outline

A 3 part comprehensive package consisting of:

– A Screening session, with 2 staff provided, to assist in the early identification of children with motor co-ordination difficulties through a series of tasks based on the PE curriculum.

– Weekly teaching for either full year or half year. Using an extensive activity bank related to each of the PE curriculum areas. These activities can be differentiated according to the ability of the child, allowing the children to develop key physical skills at their own pace.

– A CD-Rom with printable resources

The programme also provides a flexible means of ongoing evaluation and monitoring, tailored to each individual child.

“The assessments built into the Smart Moves programme have
picked up noticeable improvements in the children and highlighted
differences between the children who have been doing it since week one
and those who are newer to school and haven’t had as long. We will now
extend the programme to a full year.”

Jane Whittle @ Measham Primary School

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